Friday, July 17, 2015

Netanyahu and Hammond spar over Iran nuclear agreement. The Guardian edits out half of Netanyahu's final comments

Notice how the Guardian edited out half of Netanyahu's final comments.  Edited out comments in dark red.

Foreign Secretary, I want to express my appreciation for the position that your government has taken against anti-Semitism and the attacks against our people, and yet here Is Iran that four days before the signing of the agreement in Vienna has rallies presided over by the so-called moderate president  of Iran in which they call, the crowds chant  Death to Israel, burn Israeli flags. A few days before the signing of the agreement Iran says that the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable, and this continues after the agreement. So the question I have is would it not make sense for your government and the other powers of the P5 + 1 to 1) condemn powerfully this  expression of anti- Semitism, this desire to annihilate the Jewish state, and  to demand that Iran cease and desist  such genocidal calls and actions as part of your ongoing campaign against anti-Semitism. I think this is the thing we find especially perplexing .

It cannot be that an unreformed, unrepentant Iran, that seeks continuously to wipe us off the map, dispatches killers to kill our people, and not only our people, neighboring  states as well, who share our concern, is given the sanctions relief, is given the removal of limitations on I nuclear program without changing its genocidal policies against Israel, its terrorist activities in the region and beyond the region, its commitment to exporting the Islamic revolution throughout the world. If I had to put it in a nutshell, that’s our concern. We would have wanted to see a deal that says the following: Iran, you will get the easing on the restrictions of your nuclear program and you will get sanctions relief if you changed you behavior first. In fact, there is no requirement for any change of behavior on the part of Iran which is what makes this deal so fundamentally flawed.   

The Guardian's version 

PM Netanyahu's version