Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another date which will live in infamy

Why aren’t we in Israel just screaming – you P5 + 1 imbeciles! – how dare you endanger the lives of millions of people around the world?   How did you, hundreds of millions around Europe and the US, elect these leaders with no balls and no brains? Angela, this is a figure of speech and includes you too.

No wonder Stephan Zweig committed suicide in desperation in 1942.  I understand how he must have felt.  As the New Horizons spacecraft  is approaching Pluto, displaying the technical knowhow of our superior civilization, our leaders are laying bare our stupidity.

There are two ways out of this catastrophe.

1) The remaining Democrats in the Senate start behaving as responsible members of the American political system and override Obama's veto proving that the Founding Fathers have taken care of all  possible  threats. 

2) Or they do not. If they don't, the only salvation will come from Israel, but America will forever be tainted for its indecisiveness and its political system will have been proven lacking.  What a shame!