Monday, July 13, 2015

Bennett says world ‘committing hara-kiri’

Naftali Bennett

“Friends, even in dramatic days for the State of Israel, the sun shines, the birds tweet and a global terror power is born,” he says. “It all looks the same, but nothing will be the same starting today. These are crucial days for Israel.”Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett says the nuclear deal with Iran will be remembered as a dark moment in world history.
Bennett says that the deal about to be signed will transfer half a trillion dollars to a new terror superpower. “They are going to sign an agreement with the world’s most dangerous country and they do it with a country that says quite openly it wants to destroy states and peoples,” he says.
“Sometimes, when we read the history books of the last hundred years, we cannot seem to understand how terrible processes took place, how the world failed to see what is about to happen. Today, we can understand. The Western world is going to commit international hara-kiri and we are trying, with our feeble powers, to stay its hand,” Bennett says.
Bennett calls on all Knesset members to unite against the deal, saying that “at a time like this, being united is not an option but a national duty.”