Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am ashamed of American Jews

Last night I read an article in ynet titled US Jews: Ashamed of Israel, proud to be Jewish.   I  posted the following talkback -  it never appeared:

Well, as an Israeli Jew I am ashamed  of American Jews
I am ashamed of American Jews because of their utter ignorance about the Middle East. They are willing to vote for a president who supports   the most anti-Semitic and anti-American  organization - the Muslim Brotherhood.  They are prepared to vote for a president whose  appeasement of Iran may well  permit  Iran to start a nuclear war in which millions will die.  I am ashamed of American Jews because they refuse to educate themselves about Shia eschatology and the Twelvers  and in their ignorance and irresponsibility they  make  our lives here in Israel  much more dangerous.
How many  American Jews have read Matthias Kuntzel  and Bernard Lewis?
Matthias Kuntzel - Antisemitism, Messianism and the Cult of Sacrifice:The Iranian Holy War
Why are Bernard Lewis's views on MAD ignored?