Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Brexit imbroglio

Letters to the Editor, Jerusalem Post, October 23, 2019

Brexit imbroglio

Regarding “Meet Oliver Letwin, the Jewish MP who derailed Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans,” (, October 20), the essence is that the UK Parliament, dominated by Remainers, does not reflect the will of the British population, with the MPs doing everything to block Brexit. The Benn Act, the Letwin Amendment and biased Speaker John Bercow’s rejection of the meaningful vote shows the contempt these MPs have for the results of the referendum. By voting out of the EU in 2016, Britain had found its soul and PM Boris Johnson’s resolve to do it by October 31, 2019 is its very personification. Alas, the majority of MPs, Letwin among them, have lost it.

If I were British, I would be livid. The UK Parliament has become a joke. Has everybody forgotten that this same chamber witnessed Churchill’s June 4, 1940 “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” speech?