Monday, August 31, 2015

Citizens of Israel - say no to the Iran deal - Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, rally September 9, 2015 , 5:30pm - 10:30pm

What I really do not understand is how come when the question was the price of cottage cheese there were thousands demonstrating in Tel Aviv, whereas here we have the survival of the whole country but so far in two days only 160 people have said they would come!. Perhaps people do not believe that there is anything they can do, but anything that can sway the opinion of those Democratic senators and member of the House is worth the effort.

What is going on?  Are they unaware of this Hinge of Fate moment?  Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis  of 1962 was so much at stake and which depends on the decisions of just a few people. 

I can understand that the Americans are apathetic and disinterested, but Israelis? What is going on?  I hope it will better in a few days.