Sunday, June 7, 2020

Douglas Murray on the George Floyd protests, rioting & COVID hypocrisy

34:00 min into the Douglas Murray video:

You just can’t improve on what George Orwell said when he met a fanatic of a similar ilk.
One of my favorite stories of him was him debating with a Stalinist in the 1940s after the Ukraine famine, after the Show Trials, after 1937, after 1938, this is when you already knew everything you needed to know about comrade Stalin and Orwell is debating with this Stalinist and he concedes this, well yes, the trials and he goes on and on just refusing really to deal with every single one  of the issues  that have already come up and eventually says that great immortal getout for cowards across the centuries  -      “ you can’t make an omelet  without breaking eggs”  and George Orwell says to the Stalinist:  “Where’s the omelet?”