Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Trump has offered the national security advisor job to Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Wow!

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Los Angeles Times reports that Trump has offered the national security advisor job to  Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

So let’s see what I have in my blog on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Wow! 

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update 7:55 pm

 The reaction has already begun.  France24 International Affairs Editor Douglas Herbert, on Michael Flynn:

“You look at someone like Mike Flynn, he is going to be the national security advisor. He has had extremely controversial statements about the Moslem faith, saying that it is a political ideology, not a religion.  “

What is controversial about Islam being also a political ideology?  After all, Ayatollah Khomeini said:  “Islam is politics or it is nothing.

update, Nov 19, 9:44 pm

Here is an another opinion from The Guardian:

 His ascent marks a victory for the ideology inspired by Osama bin Laden – that the west is at war with Islam   

Richard Wolfe of the Guardian got it backwards.  Islam has been at war with the infidels ever since the HIjrah  in 622 CE when Mohammad moved from Mecca  to Medina