Monday, February 3, 2020

Trump’ Peace Plan

Regarding “Ex-IDF intel. chief: Trump peace plan not even basis for talks” (January 29), Amos Yadlin is reported to have said that “the concessions for the Palestinians” were not enough to get them to agree to the deal.

But that is precisely the point! As The Wall Street Journal put it, “The diplomatic approach is unconventional. The US norm has been to arm-twist the Israelis and bribe the Palestinians with cash. Instead, the Trump Administration has supported Israel unapologetically – including by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem – and wants the rest of the world to persuade the Palestinians to confront reality.”

It’s about time the Palestinians are asked to confront reality! In Islam, if the enemy is too powerful then it is permitted to go for a hudna (ceasefire). Perhaps the Islamic nations that welcomed Trump’s peace plan (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE) can convince the Palestinians that this is just such a case. Since a hudna can last maximum of 10 years, this is temporary, so back-to-back hudnas i.e. “confronting reality” may be the best option.