Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The lone wolf

Letters to the Editor, Jerusalem Post, July 20, 2016  

Yossi Melman wants to know how to stop a terrorist operating on his own (“How to stop a lone wolf,” Analysis, July 18). The answer? You have to be winning a war, not losing it, so that the lone wolf sees he is on the losing side.

Commentator Alexis Brezet wrote in Le Figaro after last week’s terror attack in Nice: “Merah, Charlie, Bataclan, Magnanville and now Nice. How long before our eyes are opened? How many wild attacks, indiscriminate massacres before our leaders admit that Islamist fanaticism has initiated a fight to the death against our country and our civilization? We are at war!” After much procrastination, the words are now on everyone’s lips: “To arms, citizens!” we shout lustily. But really, who believes it? Our weapons are those of peace candles, hashtags, processions and subtleties of our Code of Criminal Procedure.