Sunday, November 8, 2020

Victor Davis Hanson | US Election 2020


I agree with VDH except for these two parts. It took him 22 min and 10 sec to mention covid and said: “He [Biden] offered nothing other than Trump did”.  But this is not accurate. Trump kept on making fun of the mask. He made fun of Laura Ingraham who had a mask and this took its toll and alienated voters.  

VDH's comparison of Trump not wearing masks and trying untested concoctions which would help against covid to Churchill getting in a Halifax bomber is just wrong.

 Churchill only indirectly endangered everyone in that his death would have been a disaster for everyone. Not many would have followed his examples of going to the top of buildings to observe the bombing of London  during the Blitz. People following Trump in his abhorrence of masks on the other hand endangered themselves and everyone else.

And my take, as a letter sent to the Jerusalem Post:

 Trump lost not to Biden but to covid-19.

 Of all the ways Biden’s win will rattle Israel (Tova Lazaroff, Nov 7)  no 10 on the list, revival of the 2015 Iran deal is the most serious.  Trump just needed to wear a mask and we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Trump lost not to Biden but to covid-19. What really made all the difference was his incredibly absurd denial of the seriousness of covid-19 and many, especially older voters, took notice. Of the most important issues for voters coronavirus topped the list with 41 percent.  After all, on Friday the US had 132 979 new cases at the time Trump kept repeating how the US was “rounding the corner”.          

 Mladen Andrijasevic

Be'er Sheva