Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Biden and Israel’s security vis-a-vis Iran and MAD


Letters to the Editor, Jerusalem Post, Nov 11, 2020

I have two comments:

1)  Regarding “Biden’s not Trump, but he won’t let Israel’s security be compromised” (November 8), the article title is dead wrong.

Biden’s rejoining of the Iran deal whose sunset clause paves the way for Iran to get the bomb soon would be a disaster. Let’s not forget what Bernard Lewis said:

“In this context, the deterrent that worked so well during the Cold War, namely M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction) , would have no meaning. At the End of Time, there will be general destruction anyway. What will matter is the final destination of the dead – hell for the infidels, and the delights of heaven for the believers. For people with this mindset, M.A.D. is not a constraint; it is an inducement.”

2) “Jerusalem needs to move fast with Democrats” (November 10) got it reversed. It is not Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is to blame for ruining relations with the Democratic Party; it is the Democratic Party who is to blame for ruining relations with Israel. That party could not even pass a resolution in the House condemning Representative Ilhan Omar for her antisemitism.

 As Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote, “Islamists have understood well how to couple Muslim antisemitism with the American Left’s vague notion of ‘social justice.’ They have succeeded in couching their agenda in the progressive framework of the oppressed versus the oppressor. Identity politics and victimhood culture also provide Islamists with the vocabulary to deflect their critics with accusations of ‘Islamophobia,’ ‘white privilege’ and ‘insensitivity.’ A perfect illustration was the way Ms. Omar and her allies were able to turn a House resolution condemning her antisemitism into a garbled “intersectional” rant in which Muslims emerged as the most vulnerable minority in the league table of victimhood.”