Thursday, September 21, 2017

I just cancelled my subscription to the Washington Post

Thank you for contacting The Washington Post. Your subscription has been set to cancel on the next bill date, which is 

Why did I cancel my subscription? Because the Washington Post is again censoring my comments. Last time ( Aug 27) I caught them red handed posting my comments so that turned out to be visible only to me and no one else.  I gave them one more chance. They blew it.  ( I am still subscribed to the Wall Street Journal ) 

From the correspondence of Aug 27:

My comments are visible when I am logged  in   

They are  NOT visible if I am not logged  in, i.emy comments are not visible to anybody else . I browsed the comments to the same article  from my son's laptop without logging in and I could not find my comments .  As you can see,  between Richard S Zoppo's comment at 8:45 and Lacey Sheridan's comment at 8:15 pm should be my comments posted at 8:22 pm  and 8:26 pm. They are not there!! 

So is this a deliberate attempt to make me think that my comments are posted?   I demand an explanation. If I do not get one I will cancel my subscription to the Washington Post