Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Times of Israel presents: Michael Oren

21:20 into the podcast:

“Michael Oren: The Palestinians can’t acknowledge our Jewish right to sovereignty. They can’t give us that. 
David Horovitz: Why can’t they give us that?

Michael Oren:  Because it is about who they are. So I am not going to mention names but in those six hour of negotiations the issue came up and one of the chief Palestinian negotiators said, listen, you are asking me to recognize you as a Jewish people with three thousand year line history to this land. I can’t do that.  You are asking me to negate my identity. “

My comment:

But which identity was the Palestinian negotiator referring to?  One explanation could well be their Muslim identity.  Because according to Muslim sacred texts no land that has ever belonged to Muslims or been ruled by Muslims can ever legitimately in the eyes of Islam be ruled by non-Muslims