Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Israelis in denial

The situation in Israel is really weird.  Instead of Iran becoming the dominant theme it is almost not mentioned, and if mentioned then it is done with sarcasm – the boy who cried wolf.  

How did it come to this?  That a serious percentage of the population just does not care, actually does not seriously believe that the Iranian threat is real?  And instead keep talking about the price of cheese and price of apartments in Tel Aviv?  How and when have Israelis become so detached from reality?  Is it fatigue? Have all these years of wars, terror attacks, suicide bombers, rocket attacks, stabbings,   seconds to find shelter or die, has all this finally taken its toll and made people just flee reality? A graphic design student is printing voting cards on toilet paper, others are posting we love you Iran on Facebook.    

What has happened to Israel?  How can it be that Herzog, Lapid and Livni are so blind that they cannot see anything but their narrow political gain?  Even Michael Oren, the author of Six Days of War, who spent 4 years in Washington DC as the Israeli ambassador is behaving as if he just does not understand what is at stake.  

Netanyahu’s speech was mistranslated on Channel 2, the anchorwoman inserting her comments during the translation. The whole broadcast was delayed by 5 min “to ensure that Netanyahu refrains from electioneering.”    Not many are interested in what the PM actually said.

Two weeks to elections and the polling just does not make any sense.  Labor is ahead by 1 point but when questioned who is better fit to be PM, Netanyahu is way ahead. Something is not right.

Not that the Americans are behaving much better. The administration is pushing ahead with its disastrous Iran deal and it took Netanyahu’s Congress address to finally start the debate on how dangerous this would be for the whole world.  

Will Israel follow the US and elect another narcissistic fool who would sleepwalk the country into nuclear war?