Saturday, January 31, 2015

Democrats in Congress have to make up their mind - are they backing Chamberlain or Churchill?

One almost loses faith in the American system of checks and balances. How is it possible that these dangerous policies of the US president of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, enforcing Newspeak in inventing terms like violent extremism to describe Islamic jihadi terror  and most dangerous of all,  the appeasement of Iran, has had such apathetic response among the American public? 

US House Minority Leader Pelosi was unsure if Democrats will attend Netanyahu’s speech to Congress! Here was the last chance that the American Congress and people hear about the magnitude of the Iranian nuclear threat from an Israeli PM who knows about it not only empirically, since Israel is under constant attack from Hezbollah and Hamas, but also theoretically since Netanyahu was briefed by Bernard Lewis on Iran a few years ago. But Pelosi does not seem to care.
Americans do not seem to realize that Netanyahu will not permit a nuclear Iran regardless of what President Obama says. Netanyahu knows that the very existence of Israel is at stake and by this point Obama’s serial blunders in foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, have rendered his opinion totally worthless.   Even previously staunch supporters like Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Ross have finally realized that something is very wrong. But what is really tragic is that the Democrats in Congress are still unclear whether they understand the gravity of the moment. In the most dangerous time since the Cuban Missile Crisis they are playing party politics.

If anybody thinks that this is an exaggeration – I urge you to take the Kerry Quiz and find out how much you really understand about the Middle East.