Thursday, January 15, 2015

Are Israelis becoming delusional?

Attacks on Netanyahu are becoming ridiculous. If we were living in less dangerous times these  constant attacks on the PM could be ignored, but here we are, living under an existential nuclear threat from Iran and Netanyahu, the only Israeli leader, apart from Ya’alon, who has demonstrated that he understands the magnitude of the Iranian threat, is constantly being attacked for absurd reasons.

What is going on with Israelis?  People become zombies when Netanyahu is mentioned.  Anybody but Bibi, they say.  And this from people who have never read the Koran or hadith, let alone know anything about Shi’a eschatology, the Twelvers or the Mahdi. Herzog and Livni are leading in the polls as if lowering the price of cottage cheese will defend Israel from Ayatollah Khamenei and his 9 point plan to destroy Israel.  This flight from reality is becoming dangerously delusional.

Bibi is blamed for everything.  He is accused of being pushy for walking in the front line of the Paris demonstration, for  being  there in the first place, for walking along with Abbas  as if it were his fault  that the French invited Abbas  while at the same time President Hollande declares that Ces fanatiques n’ont rien à voir avec la religion musulmane”  - " these fanatics have nothing to do with Islam”  and Obama convenes a summit on Violent Extremism should have been named the Newspeak Summit).

As I write this, news is coming in of two dead in anti-terrorism raid in Belgium  while Nasrallah is declaring Hezbollah ready for war beyond Galilee

I just hope that by March 17 Israelis will pull their heads out of the sand. Israelis just cannot afford to repeat the mistake Americans did and elect an Iran appeaser. The consequences would be catastrophic.