Tuesday, August 25, 2020

We live in difficult times

Eighty years to the day after the Trotsky assassination, Navalny is poisoned. Hundreds of thousands of protestors in Minsk are trying to get rid of Lukashenko. It looks ominous. The virus continues to rage throughout the world exposing the inadequacies of our systems and human stupidity.

The religious fanatics in Israel have crossed the line. They have been impacting the lives of the secular before but never before has their absence of common sense directly affected the lives of everyone else in the matters of life and death.

But it is not only them.  Apparently, bars were full with people watching the European football finals. How can so many seemingly reasonable people become immune to common sense?  Are they just uninformed? Do they think they themselves are invulnerable, but where is their sense of responsibility that they might asymptomatically spread the virus to the more vulnerable part of the population, and cause them to become sick, even die? 

Never before have I seen such lack of direction in Israel than in the last few weeks. The numbers keep rising, the policy is unclear although we need to get below 1 newly infected person per 100000 per day, and that is just not happening.  

And the horrible choice in the US, I just cannot make myself vote. If only Nikki Haley were running for president this year.

Lukashenko, the poisoning of Navalny, the virus - they are all the consequences of the communist mentality which is so difficult to get rid of, even after 100 years and 100 million victims. So sad that the West has so little to offer to counter them. Instead we are doubting our own values. 

Any light in this gloom? Well, yes, there are epidemiologists like Michael Orterholm, Anthony Fauci and Marc Lipsitch who give me hope that there are some who have not taken leave of their senses.  Another four months of this surreal world.