Saturday, March 28, 2020

Getting reliable information during the pandemic

How do we know which source to trust? It is difficult since we are not epidemiologists. And yet when you come across a reliable source you know it. For me it was the podcast I heard on March 5 and transcribed it on March 11: The Coronavirus Isn't Going Away  

During my 6½ years as a foreign student in the USSR I listened to the BBC World Service, read The Economist and George F. Kennan. After 9/11 for information on Islam I would to turn to Ibn Warraq.  Richard Feynman was there to clarify physics questions.  
As of yesterday here is the site Marc Lipsitch from The Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics announced has become available:  Work on Covid-19 (coronavirus)
Of course, one should never rely on a single source of information, and the maxim audiatur et altera pars should not be forgotten, but this site will with a high degree of probability give you the truth. If something really important pops up I will continue to post it on my blog.