Friday, December 22, 2017

How come six Eastern European EU countries abstained in the UN GA vote on Jerusalem?

It is interesting to note that among the EU, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Romania abstained. How come? Why did only these Eastern European EU member countries abstain from voting against president Trump for having the courage to say that two plus two make four by recognizing that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and stopping the appeasement of Islam? 

Douglas Murray in his book The Strange Death of Europe  explains why Eastern Europe is different by quoting Chantal Delsol: “I later became convinced that it was in these eastern European societies that I should seek some answers to our question -- the divergence between us and them led me to the belief that the last fifty years of good fortune had entirely erased our sense of the tragic dimension of life” .  “That tragic dimension of life”, writes Murray “ had not been erased in the East. And nowhere have the consequences of this been more clearly displayed than in the attitudes of Eastern European leaders, with the support of their publics, to the migration crisis."   Now this divergence has been confirmed in the UN GA vote.