Thursday, June 23, 2016

Britain votes OUT - Congratulations! Britain has found its soul!

A historic moment.   

This is another May, 1940, when Britain had found its soul and Churchill stood alone facing Hitler while the USSR was in the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact with Hitler, and Beria with Stalin's approval was murdering the 22 000 Polish officers at Katyn and the US had not yet joined the war. 

It is interesting that the polls to the last minute were indicating a Remain win, and only the real vote showed that people were ready for the Leave. Why such a discrepancy?  I think it is all because of people being intimidated into political correctness and that the migration issue had played a considerable more impact than they were ready to admit, and that they all saw  through the Global Outbreak of Mental Illness.

PM David Cameron is to resign ( this is where the British politicians are outstanding, since they take responsibility for their failures, like Foreign Secretary Carrington did following the 1982 Falklands invasion by Argentina) . While Cameron did warn of the poisonous ideology  and he was quite pro-Israel, he, as Melanie Phillips put it, “signed up to the appalling farce of the US-led surrender to Iran”, so let’s hope that the new leader will be more resolute.  Would Boris Johnson be better in this regard? Perhaps, but I am not so sure as I said in my review of his book The Churchill Factor:  Excellent, apart from avoiding to mention Churchill's views on Islam.

Finally some good news after the horrible choice Americans face between the corrupt Hillary Clinton and unpredictable Donald Trump.

Update  June 28, 2016 

Here  from The Telegraph  is a confirmation  of what I said was the main  reason for exiting the EU
Nigel Farage has tapped into a volcano of fury over immigration - and it's not stopped erupting yet

Update June 30, 2016

The British prime minster used his last Brussels summit to tell Angela Merkel, François Hollande and other European heads of government that anxieties about unrestricted freedom of movement were at the heart of the decision by Britons to reject the EU.