Monday, July 28, 2014

The day the penny dropped in Israel on Kerry and Obama

It is not that John Kerry is officially a persona non grata  in Israel.  But since last Friday his standing in Israel is such that all the diplomatic niceties among Israeli politicians would not be able to bridge the chasm he has created. Even if by some miracle he does come uninvited the attitude towards him would  resemble what one has towards a halfwit - polite with concern for the handicapped.

With regards to Obama the attitude would be different.  After all,  the office of the president of the US commands respect by itself and yet it has finally dawned on the majority of Israelis that Obama is not America,  and that a terrible aberration has taken place with the leadership of the country Israelis usually  admire.   How is it possible that Obama in effect  sides with  Hamas and is insisting on a cease-fire  to which 86 percent of the Israelis are opposed?  He is an enigma one has to acknowledge exists,  but whose absurd policies they know the Israeli leadership cannot accept and which will have to be ignored if Israel is to survive. 

But all in all, Israelis have come together like I have not seen for a long time. The steady flow of well wishers visiting wounded soldiers at  hospitals is amazing.  One has to witness  it to understand the magnitude and scope.  Mountains of cakes, goodies and cards  attest to a deep link the population has to the soldiers fighting in Gaza. Israeli flags have popped up on buildings and cars  although it is not Independence Day.

I get a feeling that Israelis are saying to the world -  we are going to fight our own battles and will not listen to you for we know who we are and what we are fighting for and this time we see through your hypocrisy.