Friday, May 13, 2016

Paul Weston on the difference in attitude of Eastern European and Western European politicians towards the migrant crisis

Paul Weston believes that political correctness is a subversion of the West by the Left. I would not go that far, to me it is the consequence of the appalling ignorance in Western Europe about Islam.  

Here are two videos worth watching. They clarify what his position is.  The excerpt is from the second 12:41 to 14:40 minutes  into the video

Transcript excerpt: 

“As long as the Left is attacking western institution, western countries, western culture, that’s what they exist to do, and they will always demonize us and they will always ignore what is going on, for example in Palestine, and women’s rights.

And the interesting thing is why do they do it. If you look at Eastern European leaders today, people like Viktor Orban in Hungary and  Prime Minister [actually President] Zeman in the Czech Republic, the Polish guy whose name I can’t remember, the Slovakian Prime Minster. They are all saying we are not gonna have any Muslim immigrants in our country, we are Christian countries, we are not gonna have them. And why is it that the only politicians saying this are all from countries that used to be ruled by the Soviet Union, by Communism.  And the reason is they did not have 60 years of politically correct subversion. After the war, after WWII, they just sent their tanks in so their revolution was immediate and they then lived under full communist rule. They have had their overnight revolution by tanks in the streets.  They couldn’t do that with us, we are too far away, so they set out to subvert. Feminism for example, feminism did not really exist over there. They were given medals for glorious motherhood. If you had three children you would get a medal, if you had five children you would get a much better medal, and that’s Marxism in action in a country which has already had its revolution. The children sat in rows and recited their times tables and learned their grammar, and learned where places are on the map.  You know, they did not do all this vague sort of stuff we do, because we are being subverted, because it’s going to bring about social chaos, anarchy, revolution. Like Marx said he would stand aside the wreckage of Colossus. This is what it is all about, and that explains exactly the attitude of ex Easter European countries to this migrant crisis and Western politicians’ attitude to the migrant crisis. “ 

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