Thursday, June 23, 2016

Britain votes OUT - Congratulations! Britain has found its soul!

A historic moment.   

This is another May, 1940, when Britain had found its soul and Churchill stood alone facing Hitler while the USSR was in the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact with Hitler, and Beria with Stalin's approval was murdering the 22 000 Polish officers at Katyn and the US had not yet joined the war. 

It is interesting that the polls to the last minute were indicating a Remain win, and only the real vote showed that people were ready for the Leave. Why such a discrepancy?  I think it is all because of people being intimidated into political correctness and that the migration issue had played a considerable more impact than they were ready to admit, and that they all saw  through the Global Outbreak of Mental Illness.

PM David Cameron is to resign ( this is where the British politicians are outstanding, since they take responsibility for their failures, like Foreign Secretary Carrington did following the 1982 Falklands invasion by Argentina) . While Cameron did warn of the poisonous ideology  and he was quite pro-Israel, he, as Melanie Phillips put it, “signed up to the appalling farce of the US-led surrender to Iran”, so let’s hope that the new leader will be more resolute.  Would Boris Johnson be better in this regard? Perhaps, but I am not so sure as I said in my review of his book The Churchill Factor:  Excellent, apart from avoiding to mention Churchill's views on Islam.

Finally some good news after the horrible choice Americans face between the corrupt Hillary Clinton and unpredictable Donald Trump.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ya’alon as PM?

Letters to the Editor, Jerusalem Post. June 20, 2016

Only four years ago, in an interview with journalist Ari Shavit, Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon said: “The regime of the ayatollahs is apocalyptic-messianic in character.... It will be impossible to accommodate a nuclear Iran and it will be impossible to attain stability. The consequences of a nuclear Iran will be catastrophic.”

Now, he says: “At this point, and in the foreseeable future, there is no existential threat facing Israel” (“Ex-IDF chiefs attack PM: ‘Time for Netanyahu to go,’” June 17).

Has the Shiite eschatology ceased to be an existential threat to Israel overnight? As US President Barack Obama himself told National Public Radio in April 2015: “What is a more relevant fear would be that in year 13, 14, 15, they [the Iranians] have advanced centrifuges that enrich uranium fairly rapidly, and at that point the breakout times would have shrunk almost down to zero.”

Moshe Ya’alon cannot foresee 13 years into the future, and he wishes to be prime minister?


The British EU Referendum


The only way for Britain to fight the global outbreak of mental illness is to leave the EU

Robert Spencer on the Global Outbreak of Mental Illness

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oh no, Bogie has turned into a politician!

This is what he said in 2012:

Ari Shavit: If so, maybe it’s already too late. The Iranians won and we lost and we have to resign ourselves to Iran’s being in possession of nuclear weapons in the near future.

Moshe Yaalon: “Absolutely not. It will be disastrous if we or the international community become resigned to the idea of a nuclear Iran. The regime of the ayatollahs is apocalyptic-messianic in character. It poses a challenge to Western culture and to the world order. Its scale of values and its religious beliefs are different, and its ambition is to foist them on everyone. Accordingly, it is an obligation to prevent this nonconventional regime from acquiring nonconventional weapons. Neither we nor the West is at liberty to accept an Iranian nuclear bomb. What I am telling you is not rhetoric and it is not propaganda. A nuclear Iran is a true threat to world peace.”

Ari Shavit: But the Iranians are rational, and the use of nuclear weapons is an irrational act. Like the Soviets, they will never do that.

Moshe Yaalon: “A Western individual observing the fantastic ambitions of the Iranian leadership scoffs: ‘What do they think, that they will Islamize us?’ The surprising answer is: Yes, they think they will Islamize us: The ambition of the present regime in Tehran is for the Western world to become Muslim at the end of a lengthy process. Accordingly, we have to understand that their rationality is completely different from our rationality. Their concepts are different and their considerations are different. They are completely unlike the former Soviet Union. They are not even like Pakistan or North Korea. If Iran enjoys a nuclear umbrella and the feeling of strength of a nuclear power, there is no knowing how it will behave. It will be impossible to accommodate a nuclear Iran and it will be impossible to attain stability. The consequences of a nuclear Iran will be catastrophic.”

And this is what he says now:

Ya'alon pans Netanyahu as fear-monger, announces run in next election

Former defense minister attacks current leadership of Israel, saying “at this point, and in the foreseeable future, there is no existential threat facing Israel."

he “Bogie” Ya’alon will run for national leadership in Israel's next elections, he announced during a speech at the Herzliya Conference on Thursday.

Ya’alon also attacked the current leadership of Israel, saying “at this point, and in the foreseeable future, there is no existential threat facing Israel. Thus it is fitting that the leadership of the country stop scaring the citizenry and stop giving them the feeling that we are standing before a second Holocaust.”

Ya'alon said that it isn't security threats that keep him awake at night, rather the social and moral problems facing Israel.

If there is something that I lose sleep at night about, it’s not the truckloads of weapons in Syria and Lebanon or Iran’s attempts to wage terror – Israel has the capabilities to deal with these forcefully and with sophistication. If there is something that I lose sleep over, it’s the cracks in Israel’s society, the erosion of basic values, the attempts to harm IDF soldiers and their commanders. It is a fact – the leadership is tempestuous and being dragged.”

He also said of Iran that nuclear program, for years a major focus of Prime Minister Netanyahu, will "be frozen in light of the the [nuclear] deal signed [by world powers] does not constitute an immediate, existential threat for Israel."

The speech was the first given by Ya’alon since he resigned from the government on May 20th, a decision he said he made "following the recent conduct" of Netanyahu, and "in light of my lack of faith in him."

Ya’alon’s decision to leave the government came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ousted him as defense minister in favor of Avigdor Liberman, as part of negotiations to bring the Yisrael Beytenu party into the coalition.

Ya'alon also spoke of the importance of Israel's alliance with the United States, which he described  as essential to Israel's security and diplomatic needs. 

Following Ya'alon's remarks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party accused the former defense minister Moshe Ya'alon of flip-flopping on his previous positions.

"Just a few months ago he said Iran is an existential concern for Israel, today when turned into a politician at the Herzliya Conference, he said that Israel faces no existential threat," the party said in a statement. "It's funny how quickly Ya'alon changed his hide."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Better late than never: Iraq threatens to sue Israel for bombing its nuclear reactor in 1981

Jerusalem Post 
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament said that Iraq is determined to sue Israel for bombing the nuclear reactor and force it to pay reparations.

In a surprise move, First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Humam Hamoudi announced that his country is determined to sue Israel for bombing the Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Hamoudi said: "Iraq is determined to sue Israel for bombing the nuclear reactor and force it to pay reparations for this attack," without specifying when it will take such a measure.

"The Foreign Ministry and the Parliament's Committee on Foreign Relations should promote this issue internationally and draw special attention to it, in light of the 35th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the nuclear reactor," Hamoudi added.
The senior Iraqi official also called on the United Nations to implement Resolution 487 (1981) that allows Iraq to demand reparations for the Israeli military strike on the nuclear reactor and heavily denounces the attack.

The head of the Parliament's Committee on Foreign Relations, Abdel Bari Zibari, told the Turkish news agency Anadolu: "Until now, Iraq has not received international support to sue Israel for bombing the nuclear reactor. In order to do so, it will need this support, and especially the support of the permanent members of the UN Security Council."

The Iraqi nuclear reactor that was located in southeast Baghdad was bombed by the Israeli Air Force on June 7, 1981, which ruined big parts of the reactor that was still under construction.

There is an excellent book by Rodger W. Claire  Raid on the Sun: Inside Israel's Secret Campaign that Denied Saddam the Bomb