Saturday, May 7, 2016


Eleven years ago I gave the then British Ambassador to Israel, Simon McDonald, a copy of Bat Ye'or's book  "Eurabia". Months later when I asked him if he had read it he said that he “had dipped into it".  I wonder if he ever read it.  Some years later I asked Bat Ye’or how come European elites were not concerned about their own future and her response was that they were doing everything to further their short term interests. But does this all not boil down to ignorance about Islam?  If they had been more aware of the nature of Islam they would have understood that ultimately they themselves would be at a loss because the whole western civilization loses.        

I had not closely followed the London mayoral race. I have been more concerned with the Trump disaster unfolding in the US.  So I googled to learn more about Sadiq Khan. Here are a  few hits:

Melanie Phillips:   Khan for Mayor? Beware
Paul Weston:  The Innocence of Sadiq Khan

Paul Weston was arrested in 2014 for quoting Winston Churchill