Friday, January 1, 2016

Donald Trump, ISIS and the Coming Not So Good Year

Global View Columnist Bret Stephens goes solo on Donald Trump, ISIS and the coming not so good year.


 I fear that 2016  is going to be the most dangerous year that we will likely live through  since ... is it 2001, no it is not 2001,  since maybe 1979, no  maybe you'd have to go back even further than that, and why is that?  Maybe this ties the two segments of this show together. First of all, because our enemies whether they're in the Kremlin, or in Tehran, or in eastern Syria, or in Beijing understand that for 13 more months or I should say 12 months and 29 days but who's counting ... for 13  more months they have a  self- infatuated weakling in the White House named Barak Obama  who is not seriously going to oppose their ambitions, their ambitions to flout a nuclear agreement, in the case of Iran, their ambitions to extend the reach of terror in the case of ISIS, their ambitions to consolidate their gains in Ukraine in the case of Russia or their ambitions to make further claims on their neighbors’ territorial waters in the case of China.  

 I made exactly the same point about Rubio and Trump using the same graphics on Dec 12:
 Rubio would beat Clinton, Trump would not