Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Netanyahu vs. Obama… Whom do you trust more on Iran?

Two days ago in someone commented on my post with a question. Here was my answer:

Since Israel has released prisoners on several past occasions, and has little to show for it, how is this prisoner release any different?
This prisoner release is different for two reasons 1) because Israel has learned from previous prisoner releases that prisoner releases achieve absolutely nothing in the area of the “peace process” because the concept of peace is defined differently in Islam and the west. In Islam peace implies submission to Islam, which is not what Israel intends to do. In other words, Israel has learned that releasing prisoners is not only useless but counterproductive. And yet both Netanyahu and Bogie decided to release prisoners. Why? Because of reason 2) that makes this release different. It is happening at the time when the Iranian threat is reaching the critical point.
So what is going on? On the one hand, we have an American administration which supports the Muslim Brotherhood, (which, in itself shows how clueless it is), appeases Iran while not understanding the magnitude of the Iranian threat, and is trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem which in essence does not have a solution because the solution the west proposes and which involves compromises on both sides goes against the basic tenet of jihad.
On the other hand, we have an Israeli government which is fully aware of the Iranian threat, fully aware of the cluelessness of the Obama administration with regard to both to the Palestinians and Iran, but which has to do everything it possibly can to save the country from the existential threat emanating from Iran.
Enter John Kerry with the equivalent (in terms of the depth of his understanding) of Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake (brioche)”. What is Israel supposed to do? Do something, anything which would allow Israel to concentrate back on the main threat - Iran. Will the release of 104 prisoners help in that respect? If in any way it helps Israel resolve the main problem it is justified.
Basically, I have a choice in believing that either both the Israeli and American governments have no idea what they are doing, or that only the US government does not have a clue what it is doing. I opt for the latter.