Sunday, August 4, 2013

Give the Netanyahu government the benefit of the doubt

Friday's Jerusalem Post featured articles by leading Jerusalem Post columnists, both of whom severely criticized Netanyahu for releasing the 104 Palestinian prisoners. Caroline Glick writes that Netanyahu "behaved like a coward"  while Martin Sherman asks for his resignation.    My interpretation  on why Netanyahu did what he did is here.

Caroline Glick and Martin Sherman would be right in any other circumstance except now when we have the threat of annihilation from Iran and at the same time when we have a US president who supports the Muslim Brotherhood and appeases Iran. Survival is paramount. Netanyahu’s choices are limited and he probably has no other choice. One day we will read how this decision to release these murderers was reached. Either that or we will not be there any more if Netanyahu and Bogie fail.
Netanyahu is faced with the consequences of the global media silence regarding the nature and magnitude of the Iranian threat. The media, including Caroline Glick and Martin Sherman, have been avoiding the debate regarding the problem that the doctrine of mutually assured destruction (MAD) would not work with Iran, but the problem has not gone away just because the media are not tackling it, and the Israeli government still has to plan its actions fully taking into account the possibility that Iran CANNOT BE DETERRED and would be capable of sacrificing its own population and 2/3 of humankind in order to set the conditions for the Mahdi to emerge  from occultation.

So it is not right that Caroline Glick writes that Netanyahu “behaved like a coward ”  while Martin Sherman asks for his resignation,  when neither of them have themselves fully explained to their readers the constraints the government is under.

It may well be that Bernard Lewis is wrong. But surely the opinion on MAD by one the most respected scholars on an issue of such crucial consequences for the world and Israel should have been discussed in the media, all the more that his views are shared by Raphael Israeli, James Woolsey ,  Reza  Kahlili  and Matthias Kuntzel 

The media have chosen to ignore the issue and therefore have no right to criticize the government which must deal with it while the population remains in the dark precisely because of the media.