Saturday, August 10, 2013

Explain the real context in which the decisions of the Netanyahu government are made – the death of MAD

Martin Sherman continues to elaborate why Netanyahu should resign in his article Resign (continued)... Responding to readers

Martin Sherman is probably quite aware that the MAD doctrine does not work with messianic regimes and ideologies, and if he is, why does he not clearly state this in his articles in order to educate the population which is not aware and display the real context in which the decisions of the Netanyahu government are made?

He refuses to mention the main motivating force behind the Iranians, the reason they are so dangerous. He cannot talk about Iran and ignore the eschatology, the Twelvers and the Mahdi which motivates them to start a nuclear war in which they expect 2/3 of humanity would perish.  Only in facing such a crazy regime, undeterred even by nuclear weapons, should the moves of the Netanyahu government be analyzed.  If he skips the religious/ideological background he has no right to attribute to Netanyahu motives for his actions which could be much better explained by Netanyahu trying anything to prevent a nuclear Iran.  

The realization of the fact that there is absolutely no way to stop Iran except by military means redefines the importance or weight factors of all other issues relative to Iran. They become insignificant, save as a possible way to help the primary cause which is stopping Iran. Is there a point in considering any other aspect of releasing the 104 prisoners except that it may somehow help Netanyahu stop Iran? If Netanyahu fails in the primary task of saving Israel from an Iranian nuclear strike the 104 prisoners issue would not exist since Israel would cease to exist.  If Netanyahu succeeds, the prisoners issue would be remembered in the context of being the tool of achieving the primary goal of stopping Iran. Some will say that the prisoner release has nothing to do with Iran whatsoever, but we will only know the truth years from now and with the information available now it is the only explanation that makes sense.