Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Those who threaten Israel also threaten us

 The following is an improved Google translation of the article from Le Figaro May 18, 2021

Manuel Valls, Luc Ferry, Michèle Tribalat et Philippe Val

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - Faced with tensions between Israel and Hamas, 76 personalities including Manuel Valls, Philippe Val and Renée Fregosi affirm their solidarity with the Israeli people and call for the fight against Islamism in all its forms, in Israel as in France.

By collective tribune

Posted yesterday at 15:49, updated yesterday at 17:43

While Israel fully disengaged from Gaza in 2005, attacks from the Gaza Strip occur sporadically. For several days, Israel has faced an unprecedented offensive: Hamas has fired thousands of deadly rockets and missiles at the Israeli population.

Hamas is not aiming at the establishment of a state for the Arab people of Palestine, but the destruction of the Hebrew state.

Faced with this aggression, most of the media coverage seems surreal. Certain journalists do now dare to speak of "attacks by the Islamists of Hamas", but most still fully support the belligerents while others evoke yet another original Israeli provocation (real estate conflicts in East Jerusalem or the supposed invasion of al-Aqsa, for example) which would have set fire to the powder, while we know that the stockpile of rockets (financed in particular by the Iranian sponsors of Hamas) and the tunnels had already been in place for a long time.

As for certain political parties in France, their eagerness to defend Hamas confirms their Islamo-leftist drift despite their soft denials. On the other hand, four hundred thousand dead in Syria and all the victims of Islamist terrorism in the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Africa do not move these indignant people.

The attempts to excuse or justify Islamist violence which would be the consequence of the just anger of the humiliated, the "despoiled" and the oppressed are unfounded and untrue. Because the “Palestinian cause” is not and never has been the cause of a  economically or politically desperate Third World. The Arab misfortune is real, but its cause lies at the heart of the Arab powers and is not in Israel. The Palestinian misfortune is real, but the reason for this misfortune is called Hamas and not Israel.

As long as Europeans do not integrate Islamist cosmology into their analysis  of the Muslim space and the Arab world, they will not understand the real issues. We see the deadly thought of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is an incarnation, in France and in Europe as well as in North Africa and the Sahel. It is the same ideology which armed the hand of the assassin of Samuel Paty, as it fanaticized Kobili Traoré who massacred Sarah Halimi because she was Jewish, that is to say a supporter of Satan in the Islamist phantasmagoria.

In the present confrontation, Israel is within its rights. Whatever errors some may want to reproach its rulers, Israel has the right to exist and to persevere in its being. And here it  fights its  attacker. It still fights today to defend its territory and its population (Jewish and Arab, affected indiscriminately  by rockets).

But Israel doesn't just do that. By confronting the advanced figure of Islamism in Gaza, Israel contributes to the defeat of an Islamic totalitarianism which is also raging in our territory. You don't have to be a great expert to understand this and understand that beyond what is at stake in the Middle East, it is probably our future, here, in France and in Europe, that is also at stake.

 Let’s affirm our solidarity with the Israeli people!    


Mehdi Aïfa, militant anti-islamiste

Michel Albouy, professeur des universités

Paul Atlan, médecin

Claudine Attias-Donfut, directrice de recherches

Michel Auboin, consultant

Bat Ye'or, écrivain, chercheur

Jean-Jacques Benoît, maire honoraire de Pessa,

Hortense Bile, présidente de AMIFA

Claire Brière-Blanchet, journaliste

Frédéric Joseph Bianchi, président de l'association Terra Eretz

Jean-Marie Brohm, Professeur des universités émérite

Catherine Chalier, philosophe

René Chiche, professeur de philosophie

Elie Chouraqui, cinéaste, journaliste

Sophie Chauveau, écrivain

Charles Coutel, professeur des universités

Brice Couturier, journaliste, essayiste

David Duquesne, infirmier libéral, éditorialiste

Yves Doukhan, consultant, membre du bureau de Dhimmi Watch

Bernice Dubois, présidente d'honneur du Mouvement pour la paix et contre le terrorisme

Annick Duraffour, agrégée de Lettres

Alexandre Feigenbaum, président de Dhimmi Watch

Elisabeth de Fontenay, philosophe

Renée Fregosi, philosophe, politologue

Luc Ferry, philosophe

Jean Giot, professeur des universités émérite

Aline Girard, conservateur général honoraire, essayiste

Gilles-William Goldnadel, avocat

Yana Grinshpun, MCF Université

Philippe Gumplowicz, professeur des universités

Alain Herbeth, essayiste

Danielle Khayat, magistrate en retraite

Alexandre Krivitzki, psychanalyste

Marcel Kuntz, directeur de recherche

Serguey Kuznetsov, écrivain

Alexandra Laignel-Lavastine, philosophe

Teddy Lasry, compositeur, musicien

Michel Laval, avocat

Jean Pierre Lledo, cinéaste

Barbara Lefebvre, enseignante, essayiste

Yves Mamou, journaliste, essayiste

Aurélien Marcq, haut fonctionnaire

Liliane Messika, écrivaine, traductrice

Thibaut Moreau, psychanalyste

Franck Muller, professeur émérite

Marc Nacht, psychanalyste

Fabien Ollier, directeur des éditions QS

Rémi Pellet, professeur des universités

Céline Pina, essayiste

Ziva Postec, réalisatrice, monteuse

Michaël Prazan, écrivain, documentariste

André Quaderi, professeur, psychothérapeute EMDR

Gérard Rabinovitch, chercheur CNRS

Richard Rossin, chirurgien, fondateur de Médecins sans frontières

François Roudaut, professeur des universités

Xavier-Laurent Salvador, MCF Université

Georges-Elia Sarfati, professeur des universités

Jean-Paul Sermain, professeur des universités

André Senik, professeur de philosophie

Bruno Sire, président honoraire Université Toulouse Capitole

Jean Szlamowicz, professeur des universités

Talila, chanteuse, comédienne

Pierre-André Taguieff, philosophe, CNRS

Jacques Tarnero, essayiste

Thibault Tellier, professeur des universités

Semira Tlili, présidente de #Reseau1905

Dominique Triaire, professeur des universités

Michèle Tribalat, démographe

Monette Vacquin, psychanalyste

Henri Vacquin, sociologue

Philippe Val, journaliste, essayiste

Caroline Valentin, avocat

Manuel Valls, ancien premier ministre

Sophie Valles, membre de #Reseau1905

Ibn Warraq, essayiste

Aude Weill-Raynal, avocat

Jean Pierre Winter, psychanalyste

Michel Gad Wolkowicz, psychanalyste

Jacques Wrobel, médecin