Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An answer from Rudy Giuliani about Donald Trump

This morning Rudy Giuliani was in Beer Sheva, visiting the Advanced Technologies Park and I had no knowledge that he was here and by the time I heard of his visit he had left to give a lecture at Ben-Gurion University nearby. So I walked across the new pedestrian bridge to BGU and got in during his lecture on  The International Aspects of the Cyber Threat.

At the end of the lecture he opened the floor to questions and I asked him two.

On his stand on the dispute between Apple and FBI he was evasive and said that he cannot give his opinion.

But then I mentioned that today was Super Tuesday and  that I would like to know what he has to say about Donald Trump's proclaimed neutrality in the Israel-Palestinian conflict when Hamas's Charter, Article 7  calls for the killing of Jews.   How could  he be neutral?  

Rudy Giuliani answered (the exact wording I cannot recall)  that he had  known Donald Trump for many years and that Trump had this incredible tendency to say stupid things before he thinks. Trump had made an unfortunate comment,  but that he is a friend of Israel.