Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Iran Deal (insane) Text

I just glanced at it and it looks horrible:


If Iran believed that any or all of the E3/EU+3 were not meeting their commitments  under this JCPOA, Iran could refer this issue to the Joint Commission for resolution, any of the E3/EU+3 could do the same


Request for access pursuant to provisions of this JCPOA will be made in good faith, with due observance of the sovereign rights of Iran, and kept to the minimum necessary to effectively implement the verification responsibilities under this JCPOA, In line with normal International safeguard practices, such requests will not be aimed at interfering with Iranian military or other national security activities, but will be exclusively for   resolving concerns regarding  fulfillment of the JCPOA commitments and Iran's other non-proliferation and safeguard obligations