Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Krauthammer: 'This Is the End of an Era for Democrats'


I think it was much less the doing of the Republicans than it was the self destruction of the Democrats and it was quite particular. I think this is the sort of the end of the charismatic phase. I think Obama as a personality carried so much with him. It wasn't the party because when he was on the top of the ticket in 2012 the party did well. When he wasn't and he can't be now an he won't be in 2016. it was the magic, the way he reshaped the electorate . Everybody assumed Obama had reshaped it in a way in 2012 and the Democrats are the party of the future because they own the minorities, the Hispanics, the young people,  etcetera . If you look at the exit polling all the margins that Obama had in these demographics had now shrunk . Among the young for example Obama was I think a plus 18 , plus 19 it is now a 10 or a 9 . So in all of these the effect of the charismatic leader and that began sort of slipping away from the beginning - it's now completely gone. After all, the Democrats who lost today are the ones who came on the coattails of this great leader when he was swept into office, and now on their own without the coattails , in fact, the coattails being toxic, a lot of them are gone . This is an end of an era for Democrats.