Friday, February 22, 2013

Whom do you trust more to handle Iran – Netanyahu or Lapid?

Is this for real? A possibility that Yair Lapid will be in charge of the country facing the undeterred nuclear armed Twelvers looking to bring the Mahdi out of “occultation”? Perhaps people who voted on “other issues”, including my wife and daughter, assuming that Netanyahu would take care of security, should wake up and realize Iran is our priority #1?

Let’s face it.  Most Israelis would pick Netanyahu over Lapid to handle Iran. This is not to say that Yair Lapid is an airhead, as many think. Yair Lapid wrote a book  titled  Memories After My Death  written as if he were his father.  Although the excerpt below may have been his father's opinion alone, on page 353, he wrote:
Political correctness prevents us from discussing that our biggest problem is Islam. Were we simply talking about the national aspirations of the Palestinian people we would have long ago reached a peace accord. God and Allah know that we offered the more than they once even dared to dream could be theirs. But for every secular Palestinian interested in finding a solution, two zealots who want us dead are born. Radical Islam has waged a war of destruction against everything that  the Western word represents: freedom, democracy , equality, science, technology, feminism, progress.
Of the fifty-seven Islamic nations in the world today, not one is a democracy. They are all mired in dictatorships - some more enlightened, some less - rife with corruption and poverty and hatred, and, primarily envy. Twice before, Islam has tried to conquer Europe, once when it conquered Spain and once when it reached the gates of Vienna, and each time it failed.
The excerpt above shows that Yair Lapid understands what is happening in the world. But when it comes to Iran Netanyahu is the man. He has been briefed by Bernard Lewis , he quoted Bernard Lewis in his speech to the UN General Assembly  and he can stand up to Obama.

Does Yair Lapid take seriously  Bernard Lewis's warning that "for people with this mindset, M.A.D. is not a constraint; it is an inducement..." ?

Israelis, wake up and get your priorities straight!

Update, March 3.
It seems Netanyahu got the message: