Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ahmadinejad: I Lied

Ahmadinejad: Iran already has nuclear capabilities but is not planning to attack Israel, because Tehran’s capabilities are “defensive-oriented,”

The non-reaction with which this news has been met in the world is mind-boggling. Here is the President of Iran admitting that he has been lying all these years about Iran acquiring the nuclear know-how for peaceful  purposes only. So either he lied then, or he is lying now or he lied both then and is lying now. So by simple logic he is a mathematically proven liar. (Thank you,George Boole)  

Since most of us were quite aware that he has been lying for years, I sincerely hope that he is lying now since the alternative would be horrendous. As Douglas Murray wrote in the Wall Street Journal yesterday:

 But the even more pressing reason to prevent an Iranian bomb, at all available and necessary costs, was illustrated by one of our guests on Wednesday. In his remarks, Rafael Bardaji, a former national security advisor to the Spanish prime minister, relayed his tale of meeting with Khamenei some years back. Summoned to breakfast while on a visit to Iran, the Spanish guests decided to ask an ice-breaking question: Within the apparently complex power structure of contemporary Iran, what was the Supreme Leader's job?
"My job," Khamenei replied, "is to set Israel on fire.
What happened?  Why such an admission from Ahmadinejad  all of a sudden?  I hope it is the effect of Fordo. Reza Kahlili, who had been a CIA spy among the Revolutionary Guards for ten years in the 1980s,  wrote a number of articles saying that there had been a huge explosion in Fordo which crippled the plant    
The IAEA originally supported Iranian claim that there was no explosion.
However, in a follow-up inquiry by WND to verify if the IAEA had inspected the site since the report of the explosions, Tudor refused to answer.
“I’m very sorry but I can’t go into any further details on ongoing safeguards work, which is conducted with a high level of confidentiality,” she replied.

The world media had been skeptical of the report. Best Illustrated by Ha'aretz. Please take note of the words far-right, right and right wing in one sentence, which to Ha'aretz is sufficient  proof that the report was bogus.

He published the report on the explosion, which apparently took place on Monday, the eve of the Israeli elections, on World News Daily, a veteran website with close contacts to the far-right in the United States. Kahlili himself is a frequent speaker at events organized by right-wing  organizations and those that support the right in Israel. It's not hard to realize why. In an interview he gave Haaretz two years ago, upon the publication of his book "A Time To Betray", Kalili set out a worldview on Iran that was surprisingly similar to that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also compared the regime in Tehran to that of the Nazis, and called upon Israel to bomb Iran's nuclear installations.

I believe the Fordo explosion happened. I think that the Iranians are in a daze after Fordo. If not, the alternative would be very bad news indeed.