Saturday, December 5, 2020

How to explain this disregard for the danger of covid-19 around the world?


US, Nov 25, Thanksgiving travel

There is no other way to put it – this pandemic has exposed the shocking fact that a huge proportion of humankind is dumb.  For there is no other way to explain what is happening around the world:

Israel and the US

“In scenes recalling Black Friday mobs in the US, thousands crowded together in entrances, hallways and in stores as they attempted to quench their consumer hunger after being deprived for close to two months.”


“Americans couldn’t resist the urge to gather for Thanksgiving, driving only slightly less than a year ago and largely ignoring the pleas of public health experts, who begged them to forgo holiday travel to help contain the coronavirus pandemic, data from roadways and airports shows.


“Despite the calls that came from some doctors to ban the open-casket funeral, many mourners who were not wearing masks or maintaining social distance approached his remains, with some customarily kissing the cleric's hands or forehead. "


“The statement refers to a private party in Brussels on November 27. Police stormed the party in a building housing a gay bar. It has been widely described in Belgian news reports as a lockdown sex party that allegedly involved men only and included diplomats and a member of the European Parliament".

New York City

“Videos have emerged of thousands of Satmar Hassidim two weeks ago celebrating the wedding of the grandson of the community’s grand rabbi in Brooklyn, in what amounts to a massive violation of state COVID-19 regulations.

 As epidemiologist Michael Osterholm put it: “I do not know what the disconnect is here.”

It is true that scientists and politicians have not done enough to educate the population.  But what is truly shocking is the behavior of so many regular people who seem to be completely incapable to understand elementary scientific concepts and to use their own faculties to comprehend the predicament we are all in and act accordingly. Psychologists will have a hard task ahead.