Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Transcript of Czech President Miloš Zeman’s speech at the Knesset, Nov 26, 2018

I tried to find a transcript of Czech President Zeman’s speech at the Knesset and there wasn’t one, so I transcribed it myself.

Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minster, Mr. Speaker of the Parliament, Madam Chief of the Opposition, Shalom.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the Czech Republic is the best friend of Israel in Europe. I wonder why only in Europe.

Anyway, please believe me, I am the best friend of Israel in my own country.

My speech is a message towards the solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.


Let me give you only three historical examples.  In 1938 there was a conference in Évian about the exile of Jews from Nazi Germany. All countries rejected to accept the Jews, except the Dominican Republic.

The second example: In 1973 in the Yom Kippur war there was the total boycott of Israel from the European side, except from Portugal.  

And the third example, the last one: Quite recently in the European Parliament they hosted a terrorist from Palestine the woman which [who] co-organized an attack on a civilian plane.         

I think it is a shame for the European Parliament, and it is a shame for all Europeans.

So, sometimes it is necessary to be impolite and to avoid political correctness. That is why I don’t speak about large terrorism, I speak about Islamic terrorism.

Anyway, my impoliteness will lead to a very simple question. We Europeans, and now I do not speak about America, I speak about the EU in fact, are sometimes hesitating. More, we sometimes are cowards. It is very impolite, isn’t it? But I am afraid it is frank. And that’s why it is necessary to express all the time [to stand in] solidarity with Israel. Because [if we] betray Israel, we betray ourselves,

Not only saying, as Zippi Livni said, ani Yehudi. Yes, but a few months ago we started the Czech Honorary Consulate. Where? In Jerusalem.  Tomorrow I will open the Czech House. Where? In Jerusalem. And it connects CzechInvest, CzechTrade, CzechTourism, Czech Center and so on.   

Well, friends, I am no dictator, unfortunately, but I promise I will do my best in order to realize the third step after the Honorary Consulate and after the Czech House and you may guess what this would be, the third step.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the Spanish Civil War there was one wise and sad sentence: It is better to die standing than to live on the knees.  Dear friends, I wish you to live standing!
Thank you.