Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The hypocrisy and moral decadence of Emily Thornberry, UK Shadow Foreign Secretary

[ In response to Isi Leibler’s  Reviewing a month of hypocrisy and moral decadence ]

I would have just added that the hypocrisy and moral decadence was topped by Emily Thornberry, UK Shadow Foreign Secretary, who on May 15, 2018, said the following in the House of Commons:

“What makes yesterday’s events all the worst is that they did not come as a result of some accidental overreaction to one day’s protest but as the result of a culmination of six weeks, an apparently calculated and deliberate posse to kill and maim unarmed protesters who pose no threat to the forces on the Gaza border.”

This whole incident, according to Emily Thornberry, was calculated by Israel to deliberately kill and maim unarmed Palestinians!? How much more absurd can this be? Shame on the UK Parliament to be discussing such an inversion of reality!