Friday, March 23, 2018

John Bolton’s tuna

This morning at the supermarket I got some extra tuna.  Just in case. Some extra food and water is good to have. I called it John Bolton’s tuna

With Trump, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley, the chance of the US and Israel attacking Arak, Isfahan, Natanz and Qom nuclear sites is increasing. 

John Bolton in LA Times: “The real choice we are faced with is dealing with the consequences of military action [against Iran] or the consequences of a nuclear Iran. 

 “The proposition being put before you tonight is that you have a choice between war and an Iran with the bomb.  You have a choice as has been said before, between war and dishonor – you will choose dishonor this evening and you will get war.  You have a choice between a war with a nuclear Iran, or a war at some point, with an Iran that is not nuclear which you stop from ever being nuclear, and hope that in stopping that regime  in embedding itself, you will give the Iranian people the best chance of overthrowing that regime. But as I say, thank God this does not rely on you or any Europeans. Because you’ve made the same mistake before and nobody should trust you to get it right this time.”

John Bolton: Mr. Trump: Withdraw From the Iran Nuclear Deal

Why Netanyahu is indispensable for Israel

Haaretz journalist Ari Shavit wrote in 2012:

“A few years ago, Netanyahu held an in-depth discussion with Middle East expert Bernard Lewis. At the end of the talk, he was convinced that if the ayatollahs obtained nuclear weapons, they would use them. Since that day, Netanyahu seems convinced that we are living out a rerun of the 1930s.”