Saturday, October 24, 2015

Off topic: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Interview from 1927

How do you take your mind off the grotesque situation we were pushed into these last few weeks when the Morlocks may stab you anywhere, any time? I could not continue with Michel Houlelbecq’s Soumission  .  Too close to home, and the French needed extra effort.  Should I try learning tensor analysis, something that was never covered in my college math and physics? Not in the mood. So the choice was between fleeing into the world of 16th century Florence and the enmity between Michelangelo and Leonardo in The Lost Battles, or rereading Conan Doyle.  I opted for the latter and spent the evenings last week in some 30 stories from the Adventures, Memoirs and Return of Sherlock Holmes. Perfect escapism!  

I was googling about the relationship between H.G. Wells and Conan Doyle when I stumbled across this interview with Conan Doyle from 1927.