Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why is Israel’s PR so bad, especially regarding Iran?

On September 19, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani gave an interview to NBC and on September 20 continued his “charm offensive” with an Op-Ed in the Washington PostReacting to Rouhani’s NBC interview, PM Netanyahu said:  "One shouldn't be taken in by Rouhani's deceptive words,"

On August 5, under the title  Tape Reveals Deceit of Iran's New President ,  former CIA spy among the Revolutionary Guards, Reza Kahlili, uploaded a video with his translation from Farsi showing how Rouhani duped the European nuclear negotiators and had said “We did not stop, we completed the program.”   I added it along with the transcript to my blog the same day.

One would have expected that the only logical thing to do by the world and Israeli media would be to validate Kahlili’s translation from Farsi and then post the video.Should not the easiest way to prove that Rouhani’s words are deceptive be by posting the video?

What is the Prime Minister's Office waiting for? What is the Israeli media waiting for