Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is the Death of MAD such a hot potato topic?

Through the years I got used to the fact that Ha’aretz censors most, if not all my talkbacks. One of the few they ever allowed through was my comment that A.B. Yehoshua should get the Nobel Prize instead of Amos Oz since his Mr. Mani is a masterpiece.

But now I see that the Jerusalem Post has begun to censor me as well.  I feel as if I were in the movie The Lives of Others.  The comment appears but next time I click the link it is no longer there. Faster than Winston Smith in 1984 threw the photos of the newly declared non-persons into the memory hole.    

There is still a possibility that this has been a series of technical glitches in the last few weeks,  but the probability of this  happening is the product of the  probability of each individual disappearance being a glitch – and that is very, very small.       
Here is my latest disappearing comment as a response to the article in the Jerusalem Post

'Israeli strike on Iran would inevitably draw in the US’   


"A nuclear Iran is much more dangerous than attacking Iran," Yadlin concluded. Finally a reasonable comment.

No one but Israel is being put in a situation where the only other choice apart from a preemptive strike against the Iranian nuclear sites is the choice of being incinerated by an undeterred, return of the Mahdi seeking Iranian leadership, who are according to Bernard Lewis looking forward to a mutually assured destruction.  Google MAD is Dead.  

Calling early elections so that Netanyahu can have room to make crucial decisions without Obama breathing down his neck is a good move if Israel can wait another 4 months. Hopefully, stuxnet, duqu and other variations of the computer worm, like Ultra  against Enigma in WWII, have given Israel sufficient information of the state of the Iranian nuclear program to take this very high risk. The stakes are enormous but Netanyahu by defending Israel and through the worlds complacency is bound to become the Leader of the Free World.