Saturday, March 17, 2012

Containment Won't Work Against Iran - True, but not for the reasons mentioned in the article

When I received  Daniel Schwammenthal’s article Containment Won't Work Against Iran  I was enthusiastic . Finally someone, I thought, to elaborate what Bernard Lewis has been saying for years.   But having read it I was quite disappointed and frustrated.   It turned out to be an exercise in circumventing the truth.  How can anyone write an article about the Iranian threat and the inapplicability of the MAD doctrine without mentioning the Mahdi  and Shia eschatology? Alas, this seems to be the norm these days.   

Daniel Schwammenthal writes:

This is not just because mutually assured destruction might be more of an incentive than a deterrent for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and those around him. Even assuming Tehran will act "rationally," MAD would still be too dangerous to contemplate. 

But nowhere does the author explain what is the reason why MAD might to the Iranians be “"more of an incentive than a deterrent".   The author paraphrases  Bernard Lewis’s famous quote  mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent—it's an inducement"  without giving Bernard Lewis’s explanation  “the mullahs are religious fanatics with an apocalyptic mindset. In Islam, as in Christianity and Judaism, there is an end-of-times scenario—and they think it's beginning or has already begun.

Writing about the Mahdi in the media of the West seems to be such a strong taboo that writers would rather make their articles inconsistent, fuzzy and unclear than tell the truth.   Political correctness kills clarity.

Daniel Schwammenthal continues

"Crucially, a nuclear standoff with Iran would lack a key component that     helped keep the Cold War from turning hot: a modicum of mutual trust." 

Wrong again. The key component that helped keep the Cold War from turning hot  was not a modicum of mutual trust but the facts that both sides wanted to live and did not have an eschatology which motivated them to sacrifice 2/3 of the human race to fulfill it .

This article is a scary reminder that the West out of political correctness has completely lost its ability to analyze the truth.  In addition, the article could only be published because so few people understand the core issue that most do not even see the glaring inconsistencies in Daniel Schwammenthal’s piece . And they understand so little because everybody has been avoiding to write about it for years.