Saturday, February 18, 2012

William Hague: Iran risks nuclear Cold War --------- What about a real nuclear war, Mr. Hague?

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Foreign Secretary says that Iran is threatening to spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East which could be more dangerous than the original East-West Cold War as there are not the same “safety mechanisms” in place.

“It is a crisis coming down the tracks,” he said. “Because they are clearly continuing their nuclear weapons programme … If they obtain nuclear weapons capability, then I think other nations across the Middle East will want to develop nuclear weapons.

“And so, the most serious round of nuclear proliferation since nuclear weapons were invented would have begun with all the destabilising effects in the Middle East. And the threat of a new cold war in the Middle East without necessarily all the safety mechanisms … That would be a disaster in world affairs.”

Mr Hague repeatedly stressed that “all options must remain on the table” when confronting the Iranian regime, despite Liberal Democrat concerns that the Government may be dragged into another military conflict.

Why is it that the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom completely skipped over Shia eschatology, the Mahdi, the Hidden Twelfth Imam and the realistic possibility that there cannot be a Cold War with Iran since according to scholars of Islam  the Iranian leadership may well be looking forward  to starting a nuclear war?

It almost defies belief that the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom can come up with such a statement without explaining the true nature of the problem.   Is it that he himself is completely ignorant of the opinions of Bernard Lewis, Raphael Israeli, Reza Kahlili, Harold Rode and other specialists on Islam and Iran or he believes that the  British public should remain in the dark. Which is it?